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If I have a wireless panel is installed on the bed and radiation will do harm to human body?

Wireless panel signal intensity signal power and phone calls. (dream weaving wireless panel: 58-90 DBM ~ + 10 DBM, mobile: - 90 DBM ~ 0 DBM). Of course, there is no direct evidence that mobile phone signal is harmful to human body.

Before starting the smart home project I need to know?

If your project allows the rewiring, such as refurbished or a new house, then the best option is to use dreams to 58 Buspro cable systems. Cable system will be more stable, more powerful than the wireless system. 58 Buspro can weave a dream with conventional lights, electric curtain, shade, closed-circuit television, smart door locks, and other equipment, advice or designated by a professional electrician wiring installation service staff. If necessary, please contact your local office to arrange professional installation personnel.

Anyone can install weave dreams 58 system?

Because of dream weaving 58 system controls the conventional voltage electrical equipment, such as lamps and lanterns, heating equipment, etc., should be obtained by trained and qualified professionals for installation. After the installation is complete, it can be beautiful through wall panels, smartphone or tablet easy control of home devices. If, of course, is on a mobile device, whether you are at home or in the world which corner of the management and control of household equipment.

How to buy your products?

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What dreams to 58 using technology?

Most of our products are using the bus communication protocol 58 Buspro dream weaving. Buspro can be connected to the most common household appliance, the appliance system into an intelligent network, let users can control panel through the wall, smartphone or tablet user terminal management and control of their household. The user can choose the size of the area covered by a smart home system, also can undertake personalized Settings on the function of the system. Dream weaving 58 through the 4 core cable connection between equipment, such as KNX 4 core cable (twisted pair). Dream weaving 58 wireless products also USES Buspro protocol for communication, wireless smart home solution system using wireless networking, without neutral wire connection. The user when installing a smart home system can the original traditional switch directly to the surface