Technical training
About the training

Dream weaving 58 headquarters holds regular smart home and intelligent building systems engineer training. The training is mainly aimed at dream weaving 58 agents, distributors, system integrators, installer, and all who are interested in entering this industry or become partners to weave the dream 58 professionals. By learning courses, students can to weave the dream 58 Buspro intelligent control system and solutions have a deep understanding, provide their customers with better service.

The training arrangement

Dream weaving 58 headquarters annual training for many times, each time the duration of the training is about 5 days. Here are 2015 annual training schedule.


  Buspro engineer training program in 2015


1, April 20-24, 28 (58 Bupro system engineer training dream weaving


2, 29 aug 03-07 days period of dream weaving 58 Bupro system engineer training


3, Oct. 19-23 helmreich, dreams to 58 Bupro system engineer training


4, 31 December 14-18, 58 Bupro system engineer training period of dream weaving




The training cost

1、Hedong distributors/agents of enterprise: training courses for free; Hedong enterprises provide lunch, dinner. Accommodation arranged reservation, expenses (standard single (double) room 150 yuan/day, deluxe single (double) room 180 yuan/day)

2、The hedong distributors/agents of enterprise: RMB 3000 / person (including materials, certificates, meals); Arranged dinner/accommodation expenses (book).

Account name: guangzhou hedong electronic co., LTD

Bank: industrial and commercial bank of China guangzhou branch member of the village


Visiting experience dreams to 58 intelligent experience center/engineering case sharing/Buspro product system theory to explain in detail

Buspro Product debugging (button panel, LCD panel, air conditioning module, dimmers, relays, sensors, etc.)

Buspro Product debugging (remote control, infrared emission module, GPRS module, logic module, touch screen, music playback, security module, 12 unity, etc.)

CAD Graphic design/third party products/design manual docking

Smart hotel (hotel rooms control)

Training benefits

1、The application of intelligent building and the application of the solution process have a clear grasp and understanding

2、Mastering dream weaving 58 Buspro intelligent building control system design, debugging and installation of each module, control and application

3、To master the specific flow of smart home solutions

4、Thorough understanding and knowledge of intelligent building a carrier

Training lecturer team

Ceng Yi

Hedong enterprises (dreams to 58)

Technical director/vice President of the board of directors

Industrial electrical automation major, senior engineer, master of intelligent lighting control skill knowledge. With 16 years of experience in project management, 95 in hedong enterprise, electronic circuit development experience and microcontroller programming 20 years experience, has a patent for invention, two utility model patents, 20 for the design of the software copyright. Good at field: intelligent lighting control technology and application

Du Jichang

Hedong enterprises (dreams to 58)

Development department manager

Work in guangzhou hedong electronic co., LTD., 2005, during the work involved in the research and development dream weaving 58 - D96PLUS dawn fiber/network remote dimmer cabinets, dreams to 58-2011 & other; Harmony throughout the &; Network that move light radio, dreams to 58 - R12 digital dimmers, dreams to 58 - stars VST6 no.6 sine wave dimmer, a channel with current infrared emission module, the background music module, the background music power supply, 7 inches of true color touch.

Wang Caijian

Hedong enterprises (dreams to 58)

Technical engineers

In 2005 in hedong enterprise, has ten years of experience in engineering commissioning! Proficient in knowledge stage, intelligent control skills. Debugging stage of project are: shenzhen poly culture square theatre; Luoyang opera house; Henan art center & hellip.

A where is the training?

At the location of the training is dream weaving 58 spend heavily to build intelligent experience center. Experience centre covers an area of more than 1600 square meters, is one of the largest intelligent household experience centre in southern China, has brought together more than 30 buildings intelligent control subsystem, more than 20 high-end intelligent building manufacturers at home and abroad the latest technology and products, shows the latest intelligent control idea, reveal new level of the development of the intelligent building industry in China, is the perfect expression of intelligent building technology and function. Here, the smart home and intelligent building for students to have a more intuitive understanding. Training address: guangzhou panyu district town of stone lotus li & fung avenue west road no. 86 (58 smart dream weaving experience center)

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Overseas authorized training center
The Norwegian

Dream weaving 58 Nordic AS

Verkseier Furulunds vei 9B, 0668 Oslo, Norway



t: +47 2214 1500

The British

Dream weaving 58 Technology Ltd

69-75 Boston Manor Rd, Brentford, Middx, TW8 9JJ, UK



t: +44 (0)333 014 3050

In the Netherlands

Dream weaving 58 Nederland

Droogdokkeneiland 6B, 5026 SR Tilburg



t: +31 (0) 135900130


Dream weaving 58 IT S.r.l

Via A.Schivardi 25/a, 25123 Brescia, Italy



t: +39 0302090688

South Africa

3DR Dream weaving 58 Automation (Pty) Ltd

Thornhill Office Park, Building 2 94 Bekker Rd, Midrand, S.A.



t: +27 82 859 3433

The united Arab emirates

Dream weaving 58-Smart Equipment Electronic

Office 106, Abdulah Al Nuaimi Building, Al Baraha Area, Deira, 123633, Dubai



t: +971 4 2366404



34, Raskovoistreet, Moscow, 127015 Russia



t: +7 (495) 6400799


BMS Trading

Office 702, bld.31/1,ul. Iskry, Moscow, 129344, Russian Federation



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Dream weaving 58 Ecuador

Agustín Salcedo, E11-115 y Julio Ramos, Quito, Ecuador



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Pars intelligent Engineering Co.

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