58 walk at the forefront of intelligent yacht dream weaving. No matter you are moored in the port, or in the voyage around the world, our solution can bring you a comprehensive comfort, convenience and safety.


Dream weaving 58 intelligent yacht solutions through strict quality control, conform to or higher than international standards of Marine electronic equipment. No matter you meet what kind of weather, the ship's intelligent solutions can be normal operation, stable and reliable. If you have bought or have a stem installed dream weaving 58 all the ships of intelligent system, you can rest assured to enjoy.

Just before our intelligent control system applied to high quality property, and now has been applied to the ships of all sizes. The user can through the intelligent switch panel, android/iOS device control lights, shutters, seawater desalination device, hoist, bilge pump, HVAC, and music, etc. At the same time, users can also through a smartphone or tablet to see yacht various functions, including fuel and water state, sailing direction, location, wind speed, battery life, etc.

Breaking and entering water is the most common of all ships two accidents. After installed the dream weaving 58 intelligent systems, if bilge pump is activated, or the ship's security sensor is triggered, the system will immediately by SMS or email to alert you.

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