smart hotel

smart hotel

58 has been in the field of intelligent building, weave the dream for several top hotel management company to provide a product or solution, which contains the Hilton Hotel group, starwood hotel group, intercontinental hotel group, accor hotel group, MGM resorts international, windham and alcohol. Store group, etc, in addition, 58 to weave the dream at home and abroad more than 60 five-star hotel provides the intelligent control system. Weave a dream for 58 to provide comprehensive intelligent hotel solution, USES dreams to 58 first modular design, on the premise of to ensure a stable and efficient intelligent system, greatly reduce the use of the hotel operator and maintenance costs. Dreams to 58, meanwhile, smart hotel control system incorporates WeChat and cloud technology, improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

Why choose dreams to 58 smart hotel solutions
    • Compatible with a variety of protocol interfaces. Protocol and interface can be compatible with a variety of international and industry, such as:RS485、RS232、DMX512、KNX、OPC、ArtNet、BacNet、Modbus、DALI。
    • Connectivity with third party products. Dream weaving 58 of the intelligent system can be connected to the common hotel equipment, such as projector, air conditioning, lamps and lanterns, influence, chest, sanitary ware, electric curtains, etc.
    • Customizable user interface. Product color and pattern can be private custom, better integrated into the hotel design style. Switch in the custom Logo, according to fully embody the brand characteristic.
    • Modular system, highly flexible. Dream weaving 58 intelligent control system for the modular structure, relatively independent among different functional modules. The user can add or reduce function at any time.
    • A variety of options. To weave a dream for 58 comprehensive solution in different area of the hotel, the hotel guest room control, perfect dream weaving 58 with a wide range of solutions, from RCU to modularity, from simple to luxury.
    • Low cost, easy installation, wiring. On the intelligent control system for the whole network structure, the wiring for all super five line, single floor room between the wiring way, hand in hand to save the cost of wiring pipeline.
    • Simple maintenance. This is another advantage of modular structure, to update or maintain a functional modules does not affect the operation of other functions.
    • Professional service team. Dream weaving 58 headquarters has as many as 70 highly educated and experienced r&d members; More than 500 distributors and 500 integrator formed a global service network. Dreams to 58 professional and technical team for your installation system, the local rapid response customer service personnel, in a timely manner to solve your problem
Hotel rooms
    • Entrance guard. Insert the room card, automatic identification system into the guest room staff identity categories, provide different permissions. At the same time can be set up room card inserted into the guests entered the room, open electrical equipment; Room card out, into a state corresponding electric energy saving.
    • Lighting. By panels, intensity of illumination sensors and wireless devices to realize automatic control, curtain of lamps and lanterns and induction and switching of different scenarios, make guests feel warm and pleasant at the same time to energy conservation in the hotel.
    • Temperature control. Through the control panel, guests can control air conditioning system. Using the hotel guest room management software, the clerk can be set up for the room & other; Check pattern & throughout; Before guest check in guest room, the room automatically adjust to the comfortable temperature to meet
    • Guest check in, when the guest card is out of the room, air conditioning automatic temperature rise, leaving more than setting time, air conditioning will be automatically closed.
    • Multimedia. Dream weaving 58 multimedia linker can access all kinds of electronic products, make the guest enjoy personal amusement.
    • Intelligent ring the bell. Hotel & other; One-click & throughout; Service bell has & other; Emergency calls, health, clean, do not disturb, please later & throughout; A variety of room service request function, through the control of information in a timely manner, the hotel each department can quickly learn that in the first time guest needs and solve quickly.

Lobby: the best combination of decency and energy saving

Through intelligent dimmer and environmental conditions logic, soft and elegant hotel lobby keeps most light atmosphere, for the first time for guests leave high star hotel image. With the method of active management to control the lobby lights. The guests in and out of the frequent, open the lobby all lights; Less people in the morning time, keep some light. Can be preset various scenarios, a key switch a variety of scene model, save energy.


Conference room: the meeting management has never been so easy

Meeting held on the equipment control, more demand is simple and rapid. Dream weaving 58 intelligent lighting system based on the lighting circuit, air conditioning, stereo, curtains, projectors and other equipment to design a variety of scenarios in advance: preparation, meeting, screening model, rest, etc., through a key to terminal equipment fast. Speed switch, at the same time, it is possible to realize the segmentation and merging of the control system.


Atrium, public walkway and stairwells, let a guest feel the quality of the hotel from the details

The most easily neglected area is also the hotel key control points of energy saving. Through intelligent induction, preset or central control, for reasonable planning of this area of the light, add a bright spot to create a green hotel.


The restaurant/bar/cafe: perfect collocation, lighting and the background music of improving dining experience

Table, chatting, chat sites require the quietness, the brightness of the lighting and the choice of background music is important. Using light control, hotel staff at any time through the control panel & other; Coming on & throughout; And & other The fading & throughout; , create different atmosphere, provides different dining experience.


Entertainment center: light go with your heart

Hotel fitness entertainment center is a place to let the person heart is loosened and playing, emphasis on the impact of the visual sense of hearing. Colorful, eye-catching lighting effects can be preset by DMX lighting system multiple effect, make guests.


Underground parking lot: it is no longer a waste of time to find parking

Automated lighting combined with parking instructions. Through the brightness of the sensor detection, when parking outside the light dimmed, automatically open the lighting mode; When the day is bright, lighting is closed automatically. Through infrared sensors to detect when the car into the garage, a clear understanding to the whole of the garage parking situation, quickly find parking Spaces can be docked.


Outdoor garden lighting: let beauty shine in the night

Hotel flood lighting and landscape lighting can use light and match the timing of the way of intelligent control. The hotel during the day can not only see the beauty of the blossom, green grass shade, evening also don't have a special beauty.