Intelligent building

All of the commercial buildings, regardless of size, are available from dreams to 58 benefit the function characteristics of intelligent solutions.


No matter what type of commercial building, at the time of installation of intelligent system is bound to save costs as one of the key factor.


For general commercial buildings, lighting and electricity consumed by a central air conditioning (HVAC) is about 70% of the total. Such a high percentage of represents a large amount of costs and adverse effects on the environment.


If a commercial building to install use dreams to 58 intelligent solution, at least can reduce energy consumption by 30%. Operating costs will therefore dropped significantly, at the same time, greatly reduce the building's impact on the environment.


Dream weaving 58 intelligent system of the intelligent control of lighting, HVAC and shading curtain can achieve the above the cost savings for you. Such as:

  • If the indoor temperature is too low, HVAC would automatically shut off, the window curtain will put that face to the sunshine.
  • If in a certain area of the building there is no use, HVAC and electrical will automatically shut down.

Dream weaving 58 solution without user too much involved in intelligent buildings, in a nutshell, we're going to building management automation.


If a system is automatic or intelligent, then it will be fast, effective and no mistakes. When the system is found abnormal, it can immediately by SMS, E-mail to send the information to end users.


Cost savings are intelligent building solutions, but we also should not be ignored can implement security features.


Dream weaving 58 sensor module can find security vulnerabilities, and hints at the same time the relevant personnel. Dream weaving 58 of security solution for the building, including the glass broken sensors, infrared (PIR), ultrasonic sensors, and so on.

You can take time to look at our commercial building intelligence solution case. If you need more information, welcome to contact us.

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Cultural center

Many cultural centers around the world have benefited from dreams to 58 solution. Most cultural center mainly because our system can reduce the lighting, the energy consumption of air conditioning, audio/video, etc. Building the exhibits can also through our smart products in motion detection to the role of automation and lighting, audio, create real interactive environment.

Car showrooms

Large car showrooms need to use the dynamic transformation of light in order to better show car for sale. Our experience in the field of stage lighting and outstanding intelligence system, using we became clear choice all kinds of exhibition hall. Shown above BMW exhibition hall more than 800 lighting circuit were used to control all the lighting equipment.

The airport

Large area at the airport as well as the need to control complex system determines the corresponding intelligent solutions must be highly flexible and easy to adjust. Dream weaving 58 recently completed D intelligent project of Ukraine boryspil international airport, the airport can now fully control the light shading curtains, HVAC before.

The school

Dream weaving 58 common commercial building users contained in the primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and so on. Public and private schools have to use our technology and achieve superior environmental control with higher safety performance. Our recent education institutions project case is Colombia university of Colegio Nos Nogales. The university to use dreams to 58 products to implement the central air conditioning, lighting and shading devices, and intelligent control of security equipment. They are one of the special request, security system must be controlled by the teacher through the iOS or android device, and must be crash-proof intelligent switch panel.

Places of worship

We deeply know the importance of worship sites for religious believers. So we are devout installation personnel in the implementation of the installation fully respect tradition and customs. Technology can control lighting, heating, environmental, and audio/video system to improve the atmosphere of the venue. We can put the control panel to install outside of the scope of the average person line of sight, cause retention of the construction of the original aesthetic elements. System USES is simple, reliable and steady performance. Dream weaving 58 all the products can be day after day, year after year, use for a long time.

The office

Many people spent most of the day is spent in the work place. Facts have proved that to effective management of office environment, can significantly improve the employee's well-being and productivity. If the office installed the dreams to 58 intelligent system, realize the lighting, music, central air conditioning, and security system of intelligent control, can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

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