Smart home

Dream weaving 58 system is the necessary choice of modern household. Our system specially optimized, the underlying hardware devices can be easily installed in inconspicuous places; And all kinds of rich colors, different styles, different fabrics control panel can present any decorate a style to match. Our system installed in the home, will not have any acosmia feeling. At the same time, it makes the owner felt particularly system in terms of convenience, safety, energy saving benefits.


You can use the elegant, android or iOS device control panel home all of the system. You can be at home or anywhere in the world.


We provide a great deal of control module, can according to your requirements for the design of flexible, customized personalized smart home solutions.


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What is your ideal smart home? To weave a dream for 58 to get it for you.


For all the residential lighting is a very important function. It to provide the basic daily life light, also can through the dimmer and change the color to foil atmosphere. Modern low-power lighting can change any color, make the home more sweet and romantic. Compared with the traditional light bulb, low energy lighting can reduce power consumption by up to 90%. Our system can automatically open and close the light, or adjust the lighting levels. After installed the dream weaving 58 system, you can use a switch panel, iOS or android device control all the lights. Our products are powerful, stable and reliable, and high performance-price ratio.


Heating and cooling

To keep busy home at a comfortable temperature is not easy. Use our central air conditioning (HVAC) solution, you can save energy while your home is full of joy. We all want to relax at home, but don't want to see the huge amount of electricity bill. But through dreams to 58, you can just for heating and cooling is using the room. We specialized in customized solutions can let you through an iOS or android device, or full control of heating and refrigeration system intelligent switch panel. Only need one click, you can change a room environment setup in the home, or adjusted separately for each room.



Intelligent curtain and shutter can bring great convenience to users. They can be in indoor light reaches a certain value when the automatic open or closed. Users can through intelligent switch panel, android or iOS device control dreams to 58 curtains and blinds; Of course, that doesn't stop you from ancient and fashionable way to switch the curtain & ndash; & ndash; Manual open! Do not think that this is just the shading devices, intelligent curtains and blinds can also enhance the safety of the house. For example at home when you are not automatically open or closed, so that the average person would be someone in the home, can effectively prevent burglary or illegal invasion.



Dream weaving 58 of the intelligent control system can be connected to the home video equipment, customize their own solutions. You can add your own music list to weave the dream 58 system, through the iOS/android devices or intelligent switch panel control music system. After a specific setting, the system will automatically when you come home play your favorite songs. If you want to see the latest TV or movies, you don't need to walk around to pull curtains, turning off the light, also do not need to be looking for the remote control. You can also be a key to switch to the TV mode or cinema mode, the system can be in open entertainment devices at the same time, the lights dimmed, the curtain automatically shut down automatically. In addition, you can also through the mobile phone or a tablet to control your cable and blu-ray home theater.


The user interface

Smart home & throughout; Fascinating one of the reasons is that it has many different ways of control & ndash; & ndash; The traditional wall switch to iOS/android devices. Dream weaving 58 of the system is fully compatible with Mobile, thorn BMS, iRidium Demopad common smart home application software and so on, for the user to create a truly personalized intelligent experience. Home is a device? Why not use dreams to 58 turn it into a installed on the base of the touch panel on the wall? You can use this familiar with and fashionable panel to control all of the smart home devices. Dream weaving 58 can also achieve remote control for you. Let's say you want to know when lying on the beach in the sunshine home lamp has not related, open out his phone and smart home A



Home should be the safest place. Dream weaving 58 security solutions can give users the best protection, let users worry-free. Our security solutions is not only using ultrasound, passive infrared (PIR) broken sensor, door magnetic detector, glass and so on to the passive system, but also the active system. These active way can be simulated scene someone at home to prevent the illegal invasion. When you not at home, for example, system can control the curtain, electric lights on or off, play someone at home, and so on. In addition, dreams to 58 security cameras can send real-time image to your iOS/android devices. Other security equipment and emergency button, the smoke alarm, gas detector, etc.


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