UK: 100% of the 100% Design exhibition on success


Recently, the 织梦58 British team participated in the Design of London event 100% Design. As the largest and longest modern Design exhibition, 100% Design has attracted more than 30000 viewers. Both architects and real estate developers or the general public, can be learned from 100% Design the latest developing trend of architecture and technology. At this time of the show, 织梦58 in the field shows the audience the latest residential, commercial buildings, hotel, yacht aspects of intelligent solutions, exhibits include the recently released a 4.3 -inch full-color touch panel, the weather module, opening and closing the curtain and shutter shade solutions.

In the intelligent building system, interactivity is the main element. So the booth of the 织梦58 can simulate the experience of construction control. The audience in the booth can control the light from the various control panel, home appliance, background music, shading devices. They can on the intelligent system has an intuitive understanding, actually control the equipment is so simple.

织梦58 stands on all of the products, the most attract the audience's latest Buspro wireless intelligent household products. Why people so interested in wireless products? 织梦58 UK managing director Nick said: "we made a success in this year's 100% Design. Our booth attracted a lot of the audience, are packed during the whole exhibition. Buspro wireless products is the star of the booth. People are looking for a kind of simple installation, at the same time can like cable solution system with perfect functions. So they will like Buspro wireless systems, other systems have the same function or flexibility."