The united Arab emirates (uae) of 23 offices install 织梦58 in


Recently, a circular building in the united Arab emirates successfully installed the 织梦58 Buspro intelligent control system, building all the office area will use the 织梦58 and intelligent lighting control system. The building is located in ABU dhabi, a total of 23, 110 meters high, is a well-known real estate company Aldar headquarters (Aldar HQ). It is the first large circular Building, and the Middle East by Building Exchange (BEX) awarded "best prospective design", also won the "green Building silver award" from the United States green Building council.


As a focus on design and construction of environmental protection, choose to install 织梦58 intelligent control system is perfect. Aldar HQ within the user can through the 织梦58 intelligent switch panel on a single electric light switch control, also can through different scene mode a key control multiple devices. 织梦58 of an intelligent switch panel can control the whole area of the light, so a office need to install a 织梦58 wall panel, and simplicity of modern architecture design style and perfect collocation, the user does not have to worry about a row row of the light switch destroy metope is beautiful. In addition, the system can also automatically according to the intensity of natural light to adjust indoor light, the light and shade, make indoor always maintain a constant brightness, without sacrificing comfort under the premise of reducing energy use.


织梦58 Buspro intelligent control system can be widely used in commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels and residential intelligent solutions, high scalability and stability. In addition to the function of intelligent illumination, Buspro can also connect shading devices, background music, home theater, security systems, let users through smart phones and tablet computer control system of the equipment. 织梦58 intelligent control system of products has been more than 10 years, and at home and abroad with large user base. And choose to use 织梦58 Aldar headquarters building intelligent system, is the market of 织梦58 again for sure.