UK debut at the exhibition of intelligent buildings


100% Design exhibition in London soon ended, 织梦58 UK team is almost non-stop to Birmingham, in October 8th June solstice in intelligent building exhibition held in there - Smart Buildings, 2015. Smart Buildings exhibition is part of the content, British architectural week activity is the only one for residential and commercial building construction industry integration technology exhibition. There are more than 200 enterprises took part in the exhibition, with about 11000 people in the field of face-to-face communication.

织梦58 UK to produce the product shown on the show with an almost - we can see a variety of the content of the system module, intelligent switch panel and sensor installed in the booth exhibition board, and the smart home, intelligent hotel, the introduction of intelligent building solutions is printed on a chart. The audience can also be in the booth to experience some smart home control function, for example, intelligent curtain control.


Although the booth of 织梦58 is not big, but it can give a person a kind of professionalism. The appearance of the booth design and 织梦58 (VI) highly consistent visual characteristics, and in every show very good application, plus a uniformed staff professional explanation, the entire booth in awe. Of course, the most can reflect professional or the product itself. 织梦58 of intelligent control system can be connected to the most common electrical equipment, can achieve the lighting, shading, entertainment, security waiting for the function of intelligent control. Dimmer module, curtain control module, security module and so on system equipment connected to the corresponding electrical equipment, the user can through the wall, smart phones, tablet computers to control the smart panel system, meet the needs of various aspects of daily life, is the tangible benefits to the user.

Remember the slogan on 织梦58 UK publicity materials: Serious about smart buildings. 织梦58 has been "in a professional and careful attitude towards intelligent building technology", 织梦58 UK with this attitude expressed out this sentence in English.