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You may have missed the ford car popularity, alibaba the tide of the Internet, mobile Internet WeChat under the trend, but you probably don't want to miss the era of smart home dream weaving 58。In 30 years.Dream weaving 58Has focused on intelligent building and stage lighting control system, for the world's top customers to provide products, services and solutions; Today,Dream weaving 58Invite you hand in hand, is a professional stage and green building on the wings of wisdom, for global customers with high efficiency, energy saving, the joyful life experience.
Here, you will meet a group of interesting people. There are passionate idealism action has sent this entrepreneur, with growth all the way from electrical engineer and CTO for the company's technology, continues to lead the marketing team refresh performance and master a multinational characteristic of dance versatile beauty President, there are many, many dreams of various elite and more young talents!
Here, you will get a chance to give full play to. Highlighting the current market, flowers, some areas need to be clear planning, flexible strain and pragmatic execution, this is a challenge is an opportunity, also is the dream of every sales elite stage!
joinDream weaving 58,
Catch up with the next wave of technology upgrade;
Interacting with a group of passionate idealism doer;
In the enterprise ambitions and acquire the big stage;
To get a competitive salary, and master the way of work life balance!
Please send your resume,To highlight your ability and experience, let's look
Although we temporarily no vacancies, but we prefer to save for a rainy day, so we will set up files for your resume. During the period of 6 months, have corresponding vacancies in the first priority for you.
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