Create high-quality products with international standards

HDL products accord with the four standards and international general agreement. Our products have passed the following test and certification institutions:

  • KNX & ndash; KNX association is the leader in the residential and building automation standard. For KNX certification, the product must go through inspection and test, to ensure its interoperability。
  • DALI – Also called digital addressable lighting interface standard, conform to the standard of lighting equipment of different manufacturers can realize uniform illumination。
  • ZigBee – ZigBeeAlliance is a non-profit trade organization of rapid development, including the international famous semiconductor maker, technology, and end users. The main goal is to provide consumers with more flexible and easier to use electronic products. Donor, OEM manufacturers
  • Z-Wave – Z-WaveUnion is composed of more than 250 enterprises, make each product for consumers。
  • HDL is illustrated by certification and inspection procedures, and provide solutions in accordance with the four completely industry group set a standard to ask。


The group is the world's smart home and the owner of the intelligent building control standards, is also the KNX trademark holders. KNX association is a nonprofit organization under the administration of the Belgian law. Its members for home and building control system based on KNX standard and product manufacturers, the products including lighting control, the shutter control, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, readings, monitoring, alarm/security systems, home appliances, audio/video equipment and so forth. In addition to manufacturers, service providers can also become a member of the KNX association。


Z-WaveAlliance produced by more than 250 (2014) based on Z - Wave of standard products. Mainly includes the ADT, GE/Jasco, Evolve, Ingersoll Rand, Linear, FAKRO and Sigma Designs。Z-WaveUnion certification in 2014, more than 2014 different products, covering the residential and commercial building control light application field of all major markets, including lighting, HVAC, security control, and home theater, automatic curtain, swimming pool, clubhouse intelligent control, and garage door control and so on。


DALIThe Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is the abbreviation of English expression, is a kind of technology of IEC 2386 standard protocol. People have already solve the problem of providing architectural lighting, while our current challenge is to ensure that provide appropriate quality of light. We need to consider a large number of parameters, such as luminance, glare, color rendering and light color, color control and on-site induction and so on。So you need to have a stable and reliable, the price is reasonable and simple control system to help you solve the problem of modern lighting technologies should be implemented----This is the DALI。


ZigBee is a wireless solution can easily connect all kinds of equipment standard, bring consumers more comfortable, safe and convenient life。It is a world leading service provider, the installer and retail enterprise of the selected technology, let consumers enjoy smart home with the benefits of the Internet of things. ZigBee has been used as a standard of intelligent household equipment, numerous manufacturers to develop all kinds of household security, energy management, air conditioning system and convenient facilities, gradually formed a compatibility of ecosystem。