Important recognition

Dream weaving 58 its own professional technology and rich experience, get the domestic and foreign industry association group must also won the society and industry media support.

United industries, promoting common development

Dream weaving 58 is a high-tech enterprise, has joined the KNX, DALI, ESTA, intelligent building branch of China construction industry institute, China association of building energy efficiency and other 13 domestic and foreign well-known industry associations and academic groups. With many association member units and experts to discuss the latest intelligent science and technology, to promote the development of industry.

The a and women talents

Dream weaving 58 knows the importance of talent. In line with the mission of cultivating talents, 58 to weave the dream universities provide venues and equipment, let the students practical operation, the accumulation of experience and knowledge. Dream weaving is already the 58 11 colleges and universities teaching and research practice base.South China normal university. | Guangzhou university | Guangzhou academy of fine arts | Guangzhou city vocational and technical college | Guangdong baiyun college | ......

Involved in a number of domestic and international construction industry standard

Smart home demonstration experience pavilion

Dream weaving 58 intelligent experience center residential do carrier was used to simulate the intelligent life, fusion 33 intelligent subsystem, through experiential 16 functional areas including living room, bedroom, dining room and so on. Now has passed the acceptance of 13 intelligent household industry group, as its recommended intelligent household experience center.We are a:

Industry recognition