Guangzhou circle building
Guangzhou circle building is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province economic circle, the southernmost white sticky goose pond and is made from Italian professor Joseph and leading level in our country architectural design master - the integrated design of south China university of technology professor jing-tang he a special shape building. Main building design is derived from the opening of plastic by causeway, and guangzhou south yue emperor's tomb of the ancient jade, reflected in the pearl river side, hand in photograph reflect, a symbol of the future and a happy reunion, harmony and unity. Tower, 138 meters high, a total of 33 layer, a total construction area of 105000 square meters, the outer diameter of 146.6 meters, within the circle diameter 47 meters, 28.8 meters wide, there are 23 meters large cantilever, 47 meters layers of large span, is currently the world's largest circular building.
When night falls, a round building external wall lights from down to up in turn light, meaning was booming, hugely increased. The entrance design is concise and brightness, and the whole building shape "jade wall" like nature itself, give a person relaxed and cheerful feeling.